General Manager

Ali started flying in 2005 after he saw a video of a Paramotor on the internet. Since then, this sport became his passion. He Always dreamt of establishing a place like Skyhub Paramotors where people can go to, to experience the joy of light aviation.

Ali most pleasurable moments are when he sees students doing their first flights.


Operations Manager

Jos started with Skyhub Paramotors in its early days in 2013. His dedication and devotion to training students is unlimited.

With his over than 20 years of experience in the sport, Jos shares his knowledge unconditionally. He enjoys fixing Paramotor engines and having his hands covered in grease. They say that his preferred perfume is WD40.


Training Manager

Igor has more than 20 years of experience in paragliding. Before coming to Dubai, Igor was working in Nepal as a Tandem Master. But as a Russian Alpha Male, he needed some engine noise, so he joined Skyhub Paramotors to get that.

Igor enjoys teaching students, doing tandems and performing airshows. We call him the GENERAL.




Having established the roots of a professional paramotor syllabus in the UAE since 2008 and setting up a paramotor division in Jazirah aviation club, Johan worked as a freelance professional instructor until he helped setting up and joined Skyhub Paramotors.

In his "other life", he tries to manage people to stay safe at work and implement management standards.



If you have a broken engine, bike or a space shuttle, Aris can fix it. Being involved in rally bikes and endurance races, granted him great knowledge in mechanic science.