Paramotor Advanced Training


Being able to take off and land are the fundamentals of a Paramotor pilot - without those skills your gonna have a hard time flying. But there is a whole world of other skills and things you can learn to keep flying fresh, challenging and improve your safety and flying envelope at the same time.

Even pilots at the most basic level have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt new skills from our Advanced Skills coaching. Wether it is improving basic skills like taking off in a shorter distance or improving landing and swooping accuracy, all the way to more advanced manoeuvres such as wingovers and spirals. There is really something for everyone.


Safety is still of primary concern, and we will not push you onto a manoeuvre until both the instructor and you feel you are ready.

All advanced training is to be done using your own equipment, and for high-level manoeuvres, or training over water, safety equipment such as a reserve parachute or floatation system is mandatory.

Each manoeuvre will start with a short theory session on how to perform the manoeuvre, the hazards and what to focus on.

Skills available in our Advanced Training Syllabus include:


  • Nil Wind Launch using engine assistance

  • Powered "helicopter style" takeoff

  • Cross Wind Takeoff

  • Reserve Packing


  • Short distance landing

  • Swoop Landing

  • Kicking Targets upon swoop landing

  • Spot landing (engine & no engine assist)

In Flight:

  • Speed Bar Techniques

  • Low Flying (Straight and Turns)

  • Foot Dragging (Ground & Water)

Acro Based:

  • Pitch Pendulum

  • Spirals

  • Wingovers


  • Picking up and dropping objects

  • Navigation, XC and Economy Flying

  • Snake Slalom (Sticks)

  • Pylon Flying

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Advanced Training costs AED 700 per session (2 hours), and we aim to have a one on one student to instructor ratio for these sessions.

So get in touch, and let us know what you are keen on learning and we will do our best to accommodate.